WADDANI National Party Leader

H.E. Cabdiraxmaan Cirro is the Leader of Waddani National Political Party, the majority party in Somaliland as well as the Presidential Candidate for the upcoming 13th November 2022 election. Dr. Cabdiraxmaan Cirro was the Speaker of Somaliland’s House of Representatives between November 2005 to August 2017. He was the presidential candidate in November 2017 presidential election and lost with small margin. He was the co-founder of Justice and Welfare Party (UCID) back in August 2001. He was also the founder of WADDANI party in 2012. 

Cabdiraxmaan Cirro attended the elite Sheikh Secondary School and subsequently joined Somali Institute of Development Administration and Management (SIDAM), where he majored in Accounting. He then earned a master's degree in business administration (MBA) and obtained diplomas  in conflict resolution and African Studies. Hon. Cabdiraxmaan Cirro also received Honorary Ph.D from New Generation University in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Currently, Cabdiraxmaan Cirro is influential politician in Somaliland and he is now running for the Presidential race scheduled for 13th November 2022. 

His email address is: cirro@xisbigawaddani.com 

His social media accounts are: