Our Vision

  • Our vision is a united Somaliland, assured of its place in the world, as a sovereign, peaceful, prosperous and democratic nation.
  • Together, with internal cohesion and perseverance, we can achieve international recognition. Self-determination is an inalienable right of the people of Somaliland. Key overarching goals of this manifesto are our unwavering quest for recognition and our commitment to sustaining peace.
  • Together, we can build an economy that brings prosperity to Somaliland people. Reducing unemployment is a priority: we will stimulate growth and create more jobs in livestock and agriculture, in fisheries and forestry. We will create new jobs in manufacturing, ICT, finance, energy and transit trade service industry.
  • Together, we can build a decent human care system. Reducing poverty is a priority: we will ensure high quality and affordable health care for all Somali landers. We will provide education and clean water for every child in the country. We will mobilize the nation to renew and protect our environment for future generations.
  • Together, we will help our families and communities flourish. Reducing Tahriib is a priority: we will engage the youth of Somaliland to harness their mental and physical energy to build their country; raise the standards of living of the citizens through improved transport systems, housing, adequate and affordable supply of water and electricity; mother and child care and protect rights of the vulnerable.
  • Together, we will reform our system government. Reducing inefficiency and corruption is a priority: we will deliver a transparent and responsible government serving the people of Somaliland. We will transform state institutions, the civil service and local government to serve the people with humility, integrity and the rule of law.